Bend Sinister : Artists Adam de Boer & Sinta Tantra present new paintings inspired by thier residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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14 - 22 September, 2014
Mon - Sat  / 11.00 - 17.00

iCAN (Indonesian Contemporary Art Network)
Jl. Suryodiningratan No.39, Yogyakarta 

As a conclusion to their summer-long residency in Yogyakarta with Cemeti Art House and Mes 56, Adam de Boer and Sinta Tantra present Bend Sinister, a collaborative exhibition combining new painting and sculpture installed within one of Tantra’s signature immersive painted environments.

“Culture in contemporary life is not just working through acculturation or assimilation but also various meetings and associations containing 'misinterpretations' and 'mistranslations'”.
 -Enin Supriyanto

The title of the exhibition draws its name from European heraldry.  A “bend sinister” is a heraldic charge that reverses the more common diagonal sash from right side to left.  Aside from obvious formal similarities that link the abstract paintings made by both artists to coats of arms, bends sinister have sometimes been used in heraldry to symbolize a family’s illegitimate offspring. Both de Boer and Tantra share Indonesian ancestry but were born and raised outside of the country, and they have framed their residencies in Yogyakarta as a kind of homecoming. 

According to iCAN’s curator Enin Supriyanto the artists “are related to Indonesia in a unique way; connected and disconnected simultaneously” and therefore uniquely poised to make “work that is not about the effort of discovering identity, but rather the acknowledgment that a number of slips or different meanings are possible.”

Bend Sinister is part of iCAN’s WIPS! (Works-in-Progress) program. This summer the artists have had the opportunity to question directly the roles (extant or otherwise) that their Indonesian heritage plays in their lives and work. 

With kind support from Artist International Development Award provided by The British Council and Arts Council England, UK.

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Featured Press: 

Wirajuda, Tuggal, 'Sinta Tantra Pushes Cultural Boundaries Through Art', Jakarta Globe, 7 Sep 2014