Dear Ngurah, 


Greetings from London. 

Thanks for all your hard work on the on the villa / hotel do far. 


Car Park

Could you please move the car park so it is on the same side of the gallery reception






Ground Floor Restaurant

When you are sitting in the restaurant on the ground floor, can you please advise what is the best viewpoint to see? 

Can you send me some photos of the site and the view towards the padi fields? 

I want to avoid when people sit down at the tables they see the cars parked in front as it is not very nice. 

What if the orientation on the ground floor restaurant faced downwards / looking towards the villas? Would this be nice?

If we moved the toilets somehow, we can move the bar where the toilets are… that way when people sit at the bar they get a nice view of the villas… 

What do you think?


Outside Entrance Mural

I will think about an artwork / mural at the front of the building. 

I was thinking about something more traditional and modest though… Let me think about it. 


Ground Level Entrance

Its fine that the ground floor is raised to avoid flooding 



It good that we both agree about the windows - that they should open all the way across and close when needed. 

I like the idea of the building to be very open with fresh air / good ventilation… reduce the amount or aircon needed where possible 


2nd Floor Gallery

This is actually my boyfriend’s idea and I think it could really work. 

What about we take away the second floor gallery but we create a mezzanine looking down into the lobby. See attached pictures

This means I can exhibit larger works in the lobby and there will be more connection between the upstairs and the downstairs? 

Although this may mean I have fewer artworks on the wall, I think architecturally this would make sense. 

There will be plenty of wall space to exhibit my work anyway.

I need to speak to Mba Yeni about the satge and where she wants it… at the moment it doesnt really make sense there because you can’t see the stage when you are sitting down. 



Actually, after discussing with my boyfriend the reception is in a good location. 

If we have a mezzanine, I could exhibit a long mural above the reception desk - that would look great! 

Would it be possible to have just one pillar in the middle of the room - or do we need two?


General Layout

Very good. 


Private Pools

Will these pools have walls around them to make them private ? 



Do you have any drawings of the individual rooms yet?


Public Pool


Disable Friendly

I understand that the site is very steep so may not be so easy to make disable friendly, however it would be good to design in a way that would be easier for older guests / children safe.