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11 April 2016

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Sinta Tantra, and I am writing to express my keen interest in applying for the Paintworks public art commissions in Bristol. I am an artist living and working in London and have been encouraged to submit an initial proposal by art consultant Theresa Bergne. 

I describe my practice as 'painting on an architectural scale' and 'turning the white cube space inside out'. As an artist, I am passionate about engaging within the public realm; interacting with audiences as well as collaborating with designers, architects and other creative makers.

For the last ten years, I have created numerous site-specific installations both in the UK and abroad. These include works for Bristol's Children's Hospital, Cambridge University, Southbank Centre, Liverpool Biennial, Transport for London and the Royal British Society of Sculptors. 

My two most notable works include a 300 metre painted bridge in Canary Wharf, London launched for the 2012 Olympics as well as a 3,300-metre square painted floor for the newly built ‘tech city’ of Songdo, South Korea in 2015. Both were commissioned as permanent pieces to enhance the built environment.

Upcoming projects include a public art commission for Folkestone Triennial, 2017 and a solo show at Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong in 2016.

Please find attached my application with all the necessary documents: 

  • Artist CV and two referees
  • Examples of past work
  • Concept ideas for Zones

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the panel for taking the time to consider my proposal. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Kind regards,

Sinta Tantra

Example of past work

VIL_1679a Sinta Tantra.jpg

Commissioned by Canary Wharf Group, London, 2012
Approx. 300 metres wide x 2 metres high
Paint on steel bridge

Sinta Tantra_Songdo_ (40).JPG

Commissioned by the South Korean Government , Songdo, 2015
Paint on floor
Approx. 3,300 metres square

Commissioned by Newnham College, Cambridge University, Cambridge 2015
Painted wooden panels with hand blown glass pendants
Approx. 50 metres long

1028 UHB BRI photo by Clint Randall (12).jpg

Commissioned by Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol 2013
Sensory Garden: Painted walls, kaleidoscope, planting, furniture
Approx. 230 metres square

Commissioned by Royal British Society of Sculptors, London 2013
Coloured vinyl on architectural glass
Approx. 2 metres in diametre

Commissioned by Lowcs International, Swansea, 2013
Paint and printed dibond on wall
Approx. 6 x 17 metres

Statement of interest for Paintworks commission Zones 1-5

I am interested in applying for all five zones and am excited to work on a development that interweaves individual artworks together to form an interconnected environment/whole. For the Paintworks commission, I would be inspired to explore the history of the former paint factory; the shared language of art, craft, industry and how colours are individually interpreted as well as systematically categorised. I would take into consideration the colour scheme of the zones and complement these wayfinding colours with the colours of the artwork. 

Colour has always been the starting point in my art. I create bold geometric patterns that wrap themselves around architectural spaces such as exterior facades, walls, ceilings, floors. I often start the designs on the computer and these then get transferred onto architectural spaces. 

I describe my work as ‘painting on an architectural scale.' I create works that celebrate the spectacle, questioning the decorative, functional and social role of art. The compositional arrangements are rooted in formalism. I am intrigued when this formalism becomes 'relational' - when private becomes public and when the viewer becomes active. My work is an 'overlay' which inserts its identity within the pre-existing - heightening a sense of fantasy within the functional. 

Zone 1: louvered ventilation area: 

Possible ideas: I would be keen to create a feeling of 'movement' and 'flow' in order to break up the solid lines of the louvres. This could result in a fragmented/pixelated image. I like the idea of incorporating elements of nature somehow into this work in order to contrast against the linear metal vents. For example, the artwork could inspired by photographs of nearby meadows, local plant life, sky etc that have been distorted through a pixel generator.

Possible Materials: The louvres could be coloured by spray painting, powder coating, enameling. Texture can also be added by etching or anodised effect. The steel can also be cut by water jet to give a sense of depth. 

 Multi coloured facade by Architects Peripheriques, Paris

Multi coloured facade by Architects Peripheriques, Paris

Pixelated image using a computer generator

 Multi coloured facade by Architects Peripheriques, Paris

Multi coloured facade by Architects Peripheriques, Paris

Waterjet cutting

Zone 2: (Block K) wall surface treatment and adjacent area of soft landscaping:

Possible ideas: I have previously worked on a sensory garden, commissioned by Bristol Children's Hospital, 2014 - combining soft landscaping with a painted mural. 

I would like to create a design/pattern that balanced against the architectural features of this space - emphasising the height of the wall as you walk down the stairs and well as the entire length of the wall which wraps around the corner. The painted motifs could include a number geometric and curved forms to create a sense of rhythmic movement as you walk along. Colours could be chosen by studying where the sun rose and set.

The soft landscaping could include a range of plants which complimented the painted design - a combination of green structural leaves (such as palms, ferns, tall grasses) as well as plants/flowers/herbs that changed colour throughout the year. 

Possible materials: The design on the walls could be painted with masonry paint or rendered concrete. Plants would be carefully selected to ensure that they are suited to their environment and are low maintenance. 

Geometric and curved motifs emphasising the length of the bridge. Canary Wharf, 2012

 Painted mural, Bali, 2011

Painted mural, Bali, 2011

Zone 3: (Block E) large applied treatment to roof soffit

Possible ideas: I would be interested in creating a bold and playful pattern/motif on the roof; playing with optical illusion, a painted two dimensional form that somehow looked three dimensional at a distance. I like the idea of combining 'Victorian' colours (referencing the former paint factory) together with a more contemporary palette. 

I have previously worked on commissions for Canary Wharf and Cambridge University where lighting was integrated as part of the artwork. In this case, we could even place the lighting directly over the painted ceiling so as to create a dramatic tension and even sculptural form. 

Possible materials:  The ceiling design could be painted with exterior grade masonry paint or rendered concrete. The exterior lighting could be a series of integrated strip lights or even a coloured LED system that transformed from one colour to the next.  

Painted ceiling and lighting. Group show, London, 2011

 Painted mural and light, playing with three dimensional illusion. Group show, The Hague, 2013

Painted mural and light, playing with three dimensional illusion. Group show, The Hague, 2013

Zone 4: tiered corner to main site entrance

Possible ideas: My work often reflects on my own identity/background of growing up in New York, Bali and London. When I first looked at renders of this particular space at Paintworks, it reminded me of rice paddy fields in Bali. I also began to think of Antonio Gaudi's mosaic forms in Parc Guell, Barcelona. 

Although the tiered steps at Paintworks are currently flat monoliths, they could be more organic in shape and/or even sculptural in form -  curved and contrasting against the backdrop of straight architectural lines. 

Possible materials:  I would be keen in exploring patterns in mosaic and ceramics - perhaps even sourcing vintage ceramics from the local area and incorporating them into the artwork. Reflective materials such as mirror, glass and metal could be used to catch glimpses / reflection of the sun. 

Antonio Gaudi's. Parc Guell, Barcelona. 

 Mosaic Steps in San Fransisco

Mosaic Steps in San Fransisco

Reflective material / metals reflects the sunlight

Zone 5: diagonal street

Possible ideas: I would be interested in creating a sculpture / object within this zone which could act as an important route marker for the entire site. There are several possibilities. 

A glass sculpture with coloured filters that could act as a sundial during the day and then backlit at night. This would be made from architectural glass which would then be fused with a coloured filter / coloured glass. I have worked in architectural glass before and have good contacts in the UK and in Germany.

 Fused coloured glass onto architectural glass. Private commission, 2013

Fused coloured glass onto architectural glass. Private commission, 2013

 Architectural glass commission in Holland Park, 2013

Architectural glass commission in Holland Park, 2013

I also have a collaborative practice with another artist called Nick Hornby. These sculptures could be made from a wide range of exterior materials including fibreglass or sheet metal and then spray painted on top.

 Public Art Proposal. North Kensington, 2014

Public Art Proposal. North Kensington, 2014

 Spray painted onto marble composite

Spray painted onto marble composite


A British artist of Balinese descent, Sinta Tantra was born in New York in 1979. She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London 1999–2003 and at the Royal Academy Schools 2004–06.

Tantra is well regarded for her site-specific murals and installations in the public realm. These include works for the Southbank Centre, Liverpool Biennial, the Royal British Society of Sculptors and Transport for London. Tantra’s most notable work includes a permanent landmark commission for Canary Wharf completed for the Olympics in 2012 – a 300 metre long painted bridge stretching over the water in the heart of London’s business district. Recent public art commissions in 2015 include Newnham College in Cambridge University and the newly built ‘tech city’ of Songdo, South Korea.

Recent international group shows include Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra: Collaborative Works, Choi and Lager Gallery, Cologne (2015); Bend Sinister at i-CAN, Yogyakarta (2014); Gatekeeper at William Holman Gallery, New York (2014); Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design, Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta (2013); The Fine Line, Identity Gallery, Hong Kong (2013); and Confined, NEST Gallery, The Hague (2012).

A recipient of many awards including the prestigious Deutsche Bank Award, British Council’s International Development Award and shortlisted for the Jerwood Painting Prize, Tantra’s work has been featured in both UK and international press including Tate Shots, FAD Magazine, Evening Standard’s Hot List 100, Nylon Magazine USA, the Jakarta Post and BBC Radio Indonesia.

Tantra’s work is in the collections of the UK’s Government Art Collection as well as private international collections. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show with Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong in Autumn 2016 and the UK's Folkestone Triennial 2017.



Lewis Biggs
Director of Folkestone Triennial

Sally Williams
Public Art Consultant for Canary Wharf


Born 1979, New York
Lives and works in London and Bali



2009 - 2010 University of the Arts, Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching

2003 - 2006 Royal Academy of Arts London, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art

2000 - 2003 Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, BA in Fine Art with First Class Honors (1:1)

1999 - 2000 Middlesex University, BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design



Public Art Commission, Newnham College, Cambridge University, commissioned by Newnham College, Cambridge University, Cambridge



Group Show, Painting Now!, Riccardo Crespi Gallery, Milano

Solo Show, Essence of a Thing, House of St. Barnabas, London UK

Solo show, Fantastic / Chromatic, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London UK

Major Public Art Commission, Songdo commissioned by the South Korean Government, Songdo

Group Show, Infinity in Flux ART | JOG | 8, Yogyakarta

Group Show and Charity Auction, Inspired by Soane, John Soane Museum, London  

Collaborative Works, Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra, Collaborative Works II, Choi and Lager Gallery, Cologne



Group Show, Bend Sinister, i-CAN, Yogjakarta Indonesia

Artist Residency with Cemeti and MES56, Yogjakarta, supported by the British Council

Group Show, What You See is What You See, Carsten Fock and Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

Public Art Commission Shortlisted: Nick Hornby and Sinta Tantra North Kensington, London UK

Group Show, Gatekeeper: Liene Bosque, Sinta Tantra, Kate Gilmo, William Holman Gallery, New York, UK

Public Art Commission, Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital, commissioned by Willis Newson, Bristol, UK



Group Show, Kiss Me Deadly, Royal Automobile Club, London, UK

Group Show, ICAD, Indonesia Contemporary Art and Design, Jakarta, Indonesia

Public Art Commission, The Eccentricity of Zero, curated by Claire Mander of the RBS, Holland Park, London, UK

Group Show, The Fine Line, Identity Gallery, Hong Kong

Public Art Commission, Greater Reality of Elsewhere, commissioned by Locwus International, Swansea, Wales, UK

Collaborative Show, Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra: Collaborative Works, curated by Ann Elliott, Canary Wharf, London, UK



Public Art Commission,  Together Yet Forever Apart, commissioned by Open Eye Gallery for the Liverpool Biennial, UK

Public Art Commission, A Beautiful Sunset Mistaken For a Dawn, commissioned by Canary Wharf Group, London, UK

Group Show, Confined, curated by William Lunn, NEST, The Hague, Netherlands

Charity Auction, Faberge Big Egg Hunt, London, UK



Solo Project, Dymaxion: Dynamic, Maximum, Tension, curated by Amanprit Sandhu, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK

Group Show, Apocalypstick, curated by Sian Hislop and Jeremy Wilett, The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK

Charity Auction, Royal Academy Schools Auction, London, UK



Solo Project, curated by Eliza Tan, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London, UK

Solo Show, Arsenic Fantasy, Gaya Fusion Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

Group Show, And There Was... Salon Vert, London, UK



Solo Show, Real Phoney, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London, UK

International Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair New York, Monika Bobinska Gallery, USA

Group Show, Present Perfect, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London, UK


Public Art Commission, A Good Time and a Half!, commissioned by The Southbank Centre for The Saisson Poetry Library, London, UK

International Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair Miami, Monika Bobinska Gallery, USA

Group Show, Nothing Works, curated by Michael Czerwinski and Amanprit Sandhu, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK

Group Show, Gatti, curated by Brooke Lynn MacGowan, The Canal Museum, London UK



Public Art Commission, Neon Tetra, commissioned by CreateKX for Camley Street Natural Park, London, UK

Public Art Commission, Isokon Dreams, commissioned by London Borough of Camden, Regents Park Bridge, London, UK

Public Art Commission, Line Upcommissioned by Platform for Art, Piccadilly Tube Station, London, UK

Charity Auction, Royal Academy Schools Auction, London UK

Group Exhibition, Picante, Deutsche Bank, London UK



Party Surprise, commissioned by Christchurch University, Canterbury, London, UK

Emporia, commissioned by London Fashion Week's On|Off, 6 Burlington Gardens, London, UK

Twelve to One, curated by Ann Elliott, Canary Wharf, London UK


Baroquerocks!, Espace Brochage Express, Paris France

Salon de Freehand, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Boo Hoo Hoo! I'm between a Laugh and a Cry, Ada Street Gallery, London UK

Waiting, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Selected Prizes & Honors

2016 Shortlisted for the Jerwood Painting Prize

2012 First Prize, Painting and Decorating Industry Award, UK

2012  The Royal British Society of Sculptors AHRBS

2010  Shortlisted for the Jerwood Contemporary Painting Prize

2009  British Council Grant 

2009  Courvosier ‘The Future 500’ in partnership with The Observer Newspaper

2007  Arts Council England

2007  Westminster Civic Award, Public Arts

2006  The Deutsche Bank Award in Fine Art

2006  The Gordon Luton Award, The Worshipful Company Painters Stainers Trust

2005  Michael Moser Award

2003-6 Paul Smith Postgraduate Scholarship at The Royal Academy


Public Presentations & Lectures

2016  Artist Talk, Contemporary Art Lectures Series, Slade School of Art, University College London UK

2015 Artist Talk, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London UK 

2015 Artist Talk, 'Future Now' Symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK

2015 Artist Talk, SOAS, London UK

2014 Artist Talk, MES 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2013 Artist Talk, This Woman's Work Festival, London UK

2013 Risang Yuwono & Sinta Tantra, Artist in conversation, Gasworks, London UK

2013  Round Table Discussion, Identity, Transculture and Globalisation, Centre for Creative Collaboration, London UK

2012  In conversation with curator Karen Newman, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool UK

2012  In conversation with architect Matt Brook,  Open Eye Gallery & RIBA North West, Liverpool UK

2011  Artists in conversation with artist David Batchelor , The Nunnery Gallery, London UK

2010  Keynote Speaker for Deutsche Bank Awards, Tate Modern, London UK

2009  Pecha Kucha, 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London UK

2009  In conversation with curator Eliza Tan, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London UK

2008  In conversation with writer Sam Phillips, Southbank Centre, London UK


Camberwell College of Arts, London UK

Central St. Martins, London UK

Chelsea School of Art, London UK

Mary Ward Centre, London UK

Manchester School of Art, Manchester UK

Kingston University, London, UK

Reading University, Reading, UK

Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

School of Oriental and African Studies, London UK

Slade School of Fine Art, London UK