Group Show at Identity Gallery, Hong Kong


The Fine Line 
24 April – 31 May 2013 
Identity Art Gallery 
53 Tung Street Sheung Wan, 
Hong Kong 香港上環東街53號 

Dale Adcock
Katrina Blannin
Gary Colclough
Corinne Felgate
Nick Hornby
William Stein
Sinta Tantra 

The Fine Line brings together work that explores the widest possibilities and narratives that can be created from the simplest lines drawn. Straight, parallel, interrupted or deconstructed, the lines and patterns presented in this show can be seen not just as tools of spatial demarcation but as rooted further in desires to establish the relationship between concepts and patterns, structures and phenomena. 

Lines are the basic building blocks of our pictorial language. Speaking, like writing, is a form of imaginary abstraction, a way of creating a relationship between a concept and its sound pattern or mark. The drawn line represents a similar abstraction. Drawing, or mark-making, is a basic primal function: it is an urge to express; an attempt to understand the world around us. The human need to invent patterns, symbols and forms through the play of line is celebrated in this show with an amazing group of artists from the UK.