Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra: New Collaborative Works

Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra: Collaborative Works

14 January – 15 March 2013
Lobby, One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 8RR UK

Nick Hornby and Sinta Tantra met at the Slade School of Fine Art, both graduating in 2003. Since then Sinta Tantra, a colourist, has mainly worked on murals and installations and Nick Hornby has worked as a sculptor, until recently in monochrome, often in white, which shows the purity of forms. The difference in their sources and imagery gave them the impetus to experiment, coming together to make collaborative pieces. Tantra has introduced colour to Hornby’s sculptures, and Hornby has given form to Tantra’s colour schematic. This exhibition is the first occasion on which these new, collaborative pieces have been shown. 

"Their first pieces took the form of straightforward application of Tantra’s colour to Hornby’s sculpture, through which they found the need to be rigorous in terms of composition and form. "  Ann Elliott, Exhibition Curator

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