4th Year of Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition, Jakarta


ICAD 2013  
30 August - 27 September, 2013
The Grand Kemang Hotel
Jl Kemang Raya 2H
Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

Now in its fourth year, ICAD (Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design) is an annual exhibition that fosters the collaboration of art, design, architecture and technology. The six week exhibition includes a programme of activities including artist talks, workshops and performances.

For ICAD 2013, Sinta Tantra has been commissioned to create an installation for the entrance of The Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta. The piece consists of a geometric pattern wrapped around the glass rooftop. The transparent vinyls cast pools of coloured light on the ground and on the bodies of people that  pass through. The overall effect is like a giant sundial of kaleidoscopic patterns that crescendo and decrescedos as the sun rises and sets. 

"For ICAD 2013, I wanted to create a site specific installation that played with the architecture of the space as well as its outdoor surroundings. Although  I have always considered myself a painter, I have never really painted on canvas. My intrigue lies in taking the formal elements of painting (composition, colour, space) and inserting these concerns within the very fabric of the built and natural environment."

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